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Discover Amazing Bathroom Styles That Are Equivalent to the Best Bathroom Designs.

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom and need help figuring out where to start. If you ever went on Pinterest to get some inspo, more often than not, you end up feeling more overwhelmed and needing clarification on what style you are precise. Every new bathroom is excellent, so it is not uncommon to just like certain aspects of a bathroom and not the whole thing.

We needed to know what style we liked when we did our bathroom. We knew what tile would look good and easy for my husband to install. The whole house was being renovated, so we needed to take the time to pinpoint our style and how to apply that to our tiny bathroom. What I tell customers now is to get a designer! You are spending a lot of money on your bathroom and we want you to be happy. If you choose to design your bathroom with us, we can help you navigate all the avenues to a Pinterest-worthy bathroom.

Ok, so now to the different style bathrooms.


This style incorporates warmth, wood, shaker cabinetry, and functionality. At its core, it is a throwback to a farmhouse. But, the new modern farmhouse look has a touch of chic to it. Please don't get this look confused with country, which we saw a lot of in the nineties. No one wants to know that style again! We can replicate this bathroom at Conk Quest Contracting LLC and give you that farmhouse-inspired look. Want to see more farmhouse bathrooms? Click here.


With this look, you'll find clean lines, floating vanities, and simple architecture. When I think of this style, Ikea comes to mind. I find this more masculine and love the clean, simple lines, as you'll see in the second picture from a bathroom in Moscow. Notice that the cabinetry in these bathrooms is flat panels, again emphasizing the clean lines. However, this style can often be considered too cold but you can easily add some warmth to it with a few tweaks. Adding wood shelving or a wood vanity and throwing some plants in the mix can really warm up a space like this. I think minimalism gets overlooked here, but I find it to be best used for a bathroom you want to redo once in your lifetime.

Below is a great example that we did at Conk Quest Contracting. This is a classic bathroom that will stay relevant for decades. The black tile makes the wood vanity stand out, and the subway tiles on the walls are traditional. The bathroom was done back in 2020, but three years later the material that was used is still in style.


This is one of my favorite styles which uses classic materials like marble and all the attention is in the details. You may have molding around the entire room or wainscotting. A great way to bring some of your own character into a bathroom like this is to add wallpaper with a bold print. Typically, the vanity is looked at as a piece of furniture and has interesting but subtle hardware. Again, it's all about the detail! If you are looking for wallpaper, I found this website that has some great patterns. Click here.

Just take a look at the detail that you see in this bathroom by Diane Durocher. Everything here was chosen to specifically achieve a traditional bathroom. OMG, it is beautiful! I love the molding and the cabinetry selected for this bathroom. This style screams sophistication. If you want to incorporate this look into your bathroom, call Jon to schedule an estimate. We would love to add your bathroom to our portfolio.


This is another favorite of mine because it focuses on the material used. Think of exposed brick and factories. The lightbulbs are exposed in many of the light fixtures and concrete elements are highlighted. Oil rubbed bronze faucets are a great way to bring this style to life. There aren't many accessories used in these bathrooms, but the raw material is really the star in these bathrooms.

There are many more styles you can follow, from beachy, eclectic to craftsman. It is just all about what works for you and your family. Getting a bathroom remodeled is expensive and we know that, so we want you to be happy with the work and the style you chose. To schedule a consultation and free estimate, give us a call, and we can make it happen.

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